"Matching Seniors and Independent Caregivers is Our Only Business!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Why should I consider a Caregiver Referral Service vs. a Home       Healthcare Agency?

A:   Private Care Match is a consumer directed care service which means that clients are empowered to make decisions directly with their caregivers-no agency interface is necessary. With the direct-hire, caregivers receive higher pay than with an Agency/employer based models. This is why we are able to provide first-rate Caregivers. We have found that the simplicity of our model in which seniors and Independent Caregivers control terms leads to longevity and a higher degree of satisfaction for both parties.

Q:  How do I get started?

Just call us or fill out request form! We want to hear about your unique situation so that we can match prescreened caregiver candidates that will best meet your needs.  Time permitting, we encourage in-person interviews, but in an emergency situation we can often refer a caregiver candidate right away; a few days is ideal

  Is Private Care Match service only available in the home?

A:  No, we can provide our services to you whether you are hospitalized or live in senior complex or health care facility.

  What if the live-in caregiver we choose to contract with does not work out for us?  

A: Don’t worry. We have a 100% Caregiver Satisfaction Guarantee! Our broker fee includes the security of having additional screened referrals sent to you to meet and choose from, if needed for one entire year at no additional charge.

Q:  What if a caregiver calls in sick or is unable to work?

A:   If your caregiver calls in sick, they will notify you and ask you if you would like a substitute caregiver, and if so, we will do our best to offer a replacement.

  Are your Caregivers insured, or just your general operations?

Yes. In addition to our company carrying liability insurance for our matching service, each caregiver is required to carry a liability policy for $1,000,000, for "errors and omissions".

  How does 24-hour care work at Private Care Match?  Do your caregivers do live-in care, for instance, in exchange for room and board?

A:  Our caregivers do not move in "bag and baggage," as roommates would; It usually takes around 3 to 4 caregivers to cover a 24 x7 care situation, provided that the caregivers get the rest that they need. This means that you get to know the same caregivers, lessening that “new-person-in-the-house” feeling. This adds to your confidence and comfort.

Q: Who supervises the caregivers?

A: You are in charge! You might enlist one of your caregivers to assist with minor management or consider hiring a professional care manager. If your loved one has complex medical needs or you live far away, a professional care manager may be for you. We can help you with this as well.