"Matching Seniors and Independent Caregivers is Our Only Business!"

                                                     How it works

Our network is comprised of first-class Independent Caregivers who have provided care for some of Dallas metropolitan's most prominent men and women. Our Caregivers
are known for their sterling reputations and unmatched professionalism, making Private Care Match the #1 choice for hiring Independent Caregivers. To begin the process all a family needs to do is call or fill out request care  form online. After we assess your personal needs and learn your preferences, we will match you with a Caregiver or caregiving team combining both professional skills with compatible personalities.

Rates- Client's hire and pay Caregiver(s) Directly. The Caregiver's rates usually depends on skills and the level of care needed. Our Referral fees include screening, setting everything up and brokering the contracts.
Referral Fees can be paid in one of two ways:  

Pay-as-you-go: If you only anticipate needing care for a couple months or less, paying referral fees by the hour will be more efficient. 

One time Broker Fee: For longer-term care the one time Broker fee payment plan option may come out less per caregiver-hour. Broker fee includes the security of having additional screened referrals sent to you to meet and choose from if needed for one entire year at no additional charge. We will be happy to help you find your most cost-effective option. 

Taxes: Caregivers are hired as Independent Contractors or domestic employees of clients. We do not track or report caregiver earnings. We recommend consulting with a tax or accounting professional and/or enlisting a payroll service. 


24 hour Care: Our Independent Caregivers do not  do live-ins. It usually takes around 4 caregivers to cover a 24 x7 care situation. This means that you get to know the same caregivers, lessening that “new-person-in-the-house” feeling. This adds to your comfort and peace of mind.

Our Guarantee: We have a 100% Caregiver Satisfaction Guarantee!